generated from email alone

Our client came to us with a problem. They had 20 active flows, but only one was generating revenue. They tried everything from adding more products in emails to different offers, but the numbers weren't moving. They asked for our help to understand and scale their revenue.

So... we evaluated their account and found a lot of growth opportunities. First is the design. It looks very unprofessional with multiple fonts and cheap-looking graphics. Our highly trained graphic designers created a few templates to choose from. Next, we realized that many emails weren't even sent out because of the wrong filters.

Our Klaviyo technician - who is trained by Klaviyo itself - was able to fix all the errors and now all the emails were reaching our subscriber's inboxes.

Our client had a campaign calendar in place but the click rate was barely higher than 0.1%. We began testing different designs and offer to scale that well beyond 1%, resulting in much higher revenue from each campaign.

The results? At the moment we're sending five campaigns per week and have over 15 active flows that all generate recurring revenue. Last month we generated $252k from email alone.

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