generated from the top three flows
Arms of Eve

When our awesome Australian client came to us with a problem, we knew we could help them find a solution. The issue? They needed better results from email marketing. They were already generating decent results, but they were hungry for more.

Luckily, we have never been afraid of a challenge! We mapped out a complete flow-remodeling. Our client also has an in-house copywriter and graphic designer, which allowed us to accomplish much more in a shorter period.

We provided the entire intellectual property, clearly explaining how to optimize each flow for maximum results. Our non-stop Slack communication was totally worth it.

The result? $22,183 was generated from the top three flows alone in the last 30 days. Average open rates are well above 50%, with the highest open rate of 68% and an ultra-high placed order rate of 23.6%.

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