revenue coming from email flows

We were absolutely THRILLED to be asked to help Alitura with their marketing automation. As a high quality natural skin-care brand, their customers are looking for the best in everything—from the ingredients to the experience. We knew we could deliver on both counts.

Our client came to us with only two active flows and just three emails combined. They knew there was a lot they could do to better connect with their customers—and we were ready to show them how. Our mission? Convert as many site visitors as possible into paying customers.

First, we created an amazing pop-up. It's well designed and collects emails at about 8-10% signup rate—one every ten site visitors joined our newsletter! Next, we created an amazing pre-purchase experience for our new subscribers. This is where the magic really happens!

Every single month our client is generating 20% to 30% of total revenue from this fully automated system—since launch, they've generated over $162k in monthly recurring revenue!

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