How to Make an Extra $100,000+ in the Next 90 Days Using Your Existing Email List

These simple ten techniques will help your e-commerce firm swiftly find FRESH cash streams. Learn how to use your email list to produce an additional $100,000+ in the following 90 days. ‍

Article by
Matt Wis
Article Date
June 1, 2022

How to Make an Extra $100,000+ in the Next 90 Days Using Your Existing Email List

Let's talk about how to use your email list to make an additional $100k+ in the next 90 days.

Shall we?

These ten simple methods will help your e-commerce business find FRESH money streams in no time.

To get started, you'll need:

✔️ An email list of at least 5,000 active subscribers who have purchased from you or signed up for a freebie

✔️ A clear understanding of your buyer's persona

✔️  A passion for your brand and creating a greater bond with your audience  

Let's get started....

1. Take a look at your dashboard and determine how many active PRE- and POST-Purchase flows you have. 

You should have at least 5 PRE-Purchase flows 

👉 Welcome Flow

👉 Site Abandonment

👉 Browse Abandonment

👉 Abandoned Cart (aka added-to-cart)

👉 Abandoned Checkout

… and at least 4 POST-Purchase flows

👉 Thank you

👉 Cross-Sell

👉 Win-back

👉 Sunset 

2. Next, let's look at how many emails each flow has.

There are no hard and fast rules here; just make sure you're achieving at least a 33% open rate and a 3% click rate. If this is the case, you can add a new email to the series.

3. Now, that we have the flows covered, let's move on to your campaigns.

Do you send at least two emails each week? - That's a good place to start.

Here are some suggestions if you're having trouble generating a campaign calendar. Look at the current month at 

Next, ask yourself, "What else could be useful to my audience?" You can talk about healthy behaviors and physical activity if you're selling supplements.

4. If you're still struggling with ideas - sit down with your team or DM me to create a campaign calendar (I can send you at least 20 suggestions) 

If you are sending at least 2 campaigns per week - can you send more? 

I suggest the following cadence 👇

a) non-promo campaign 

b) sharing value specific to your audience

c) sale 

d) sale reminder 

5. Make sure you're segmenting your list. 

I highly recommend creating the following segments:

30-days engaged; 60-days engaged, 90-days engaged, win-back, 1x buyer, 2x buyer,...5x buyer, brand enthusiasts, high-rollers

Note* engaged means the recipient opened at least one email or clicked at least one email 

6. Are you growing your list effectively?

You need at least 2 signup forms for new subscribers 

a) mobile - triggered by the time or scrolling

b) desktop - triggered by the exit intent 

BONUS #1:  Ask for permission first. "Hey, would you like to save 10% on your next purchase?" Yes<>No

7. You're growing your list; your flows are active. You're sending campaigns... What's next? 


It's very time-consuming to go through all the flows individually.

Therefore, pull a report and review it on Google Sheets. 

Find dead revenue streams. Optimize

8. Optimize your unsubscribe page. 

Add a funny meme and throw in a HUGE gift or discount.

Nothing to lose at this point.

You can lead to a landing page with a free+shipping offer - We've seen it converting very well

9. Plug in a predicted-next-order flow.

More advanced but worth it. 

It generated at least 3-4% of total revenue for one of the accounts we manage.

10. Take a look at your welcome flow. 

I bet it's performing REALLY well.

Want to take it to the next level?

Expend it by adding multiple offers and adding one final offer at the end of the sequence.

BONUS #2: If you found it valuable and would like me to evaluate your current Klaviyo setup to prioritize changes - click “book a call”.

Following these ten approaches diligently, we recently helped a well-known Californian seasoning brand create $250k from email alone in 30 days.

I guarantee you'll make an extra $100k if you do the same!

- Matt